If your passport is about to expire or has already expired, you will need to renew it. Part of this process includes submitting a new passport photo. Here is what you need to know about passport renewal photos.

First, your photo must be in color and 2-by-2 inches in size. It should be taken against a white background and show your full face, looking directly at the camera. You should also be wearing normal clothing and no hats or sunglasses.

If you have a beard, mustache, or piercings, make sure they are visible in the photo. Your hair should also be styled normally. Photos that are blurry, dark, or contain any other defects will not be accepted.

When taking your own passport renewal photo, be sure to follow these guidelines closely. If you are not able to take a good photo yourself, you can have someone else take it for you. However, you will need to provide them with a copy of your passport and a signed statement authorizing them to take the photo.

If you are traveling soon and need to renew your passport, be sure to submit your photo as soon as possible. The State Department recommends submitting your application at least six weeks before your departure date.


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Do I need a new picture to renew my US passport?

Yes, you do need a new passport picture to renew your US passport. Your old passport picture will not be valid for your new passport.

When you renew your passport, you will need to submit a new passport picture. Your picture must be 2 inches by 2 inches, and it must be taken in full color. You must also be facing the camera directly, and your head must be centered in the picture.

You cannot wear glasses in your passport picture, and your hair must be pulled back so that your entire face is visible. You cannot smile in your passport picture, and your face must be expressionless.

If you do not follow these guidelines, your passport application may be denied. Be sure to submit a high-quality passport picture that meets all of the requirements.

Can I use my existing photo to renew my passport?

Yes, you can use your existing passport photo to renew your passport. However, your photo must be less than six months old and meet the passport photo requirements.

How many photos do I need to renew my US passport?

How many photos do I need to renew my US passport?

The US Department of State says that you need two passport photos to renew your passport. These photos must be passport quality – meaning they must be 2-by-2 inches and taken within the last six months. They must also be in color, show your full face, and have a plain white or off-white background.

If you have any questions about what type of photo to submit, you can contact the US Department of State directly.

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Do I need one or two photos for passport renewal?

When you renew your passport, you will need to submit a passport photo. The photo must meet certain requirements, such as being 2-by-2 inches and being taken within the last six months. You may wonder if you need to submit one or two passport photos.

You only need to submit one passport photo when you renew your passport. However, you may choose to submit two passport photos if you want to have a spare on hand. If your passport photo is rejected, you will need to have a second photo on hand to submit.

Can I take a passport photo with my phone?

Yes, you can take a passport photo with your phone

The Department of State has a couple of requirements for passport photos. The photo must be in color, 2-by-2 inches square, taken within the past six months, and have a clear, front view of your face. 

You can take your passport photo with your phone by following these steps: 

1. Turn your phone to landscape mode. 

2. Tap the Camera icon

3. Point the camera at your face and make sure it is in focus. 

4. Tap the Camera Settings icon. 

5. Tap the Photo Mode icon. 

6. Tap the Square Photo icon

7. Tap the Capture button.

Can you take a passport picture online?

Can you take a passport picture online?

Yes, you can take a passport picture online. passportpictures.net is a website that lets you take and submit your passport picture online. You’ll need to upload a digital photo of yourself, and then you’ll need to crop and resize it to the correct specifications.

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Can I use my phone to take a passport photo?

Yes, you can use your phone to take a passport photo, but there are some things to consider first.

In order for a passport photo to be accepted, it must meet the requirements set by the passport office. These requirements include specific dimensions, file type, and resolution.

Your phone’s camera may be able to meet some or all of these requirements, but it’s important to do a test print to be sure. Also, keep in mind that you may need to edit your photo to meet the requirements. For example, the photo may need to be cropped to a specific size, or the resolution may need to be increased.

If you’re not comfortable editing your own photos, there are a number of online photo editors that can help you. Just be sure to use one that meets the passport office’s requirements.

Overall, using your phone to take a passport photo is definitely an option, but it’s important to do your research and make sure your photo meets all the requirements.