A non photo blue pencil is a type of pencil that is used to edit photographs. It is used to cover up or erase any unwanted elements in a photograph. Non photo blue pencils are specifically designed to not be visible in photographs. They are made with a blue pigment that will not show up in photos. This makes them a popular choice for photo editing.

Is any blue pencil non-photo?

No, any blue pencil is a photo.

What are non-photo blue pencils used for?

Non-photo blue pencils are a type of pencil that is used to make markings on a piece of paper that will not be seen when the paper is photocopied. This is because the markings made with a non-photo blue pencil will not show up on a photocopy because they are made with blue ink, which is not visible on a photocopy. Non-photo blue pencils can be used for a variety of purposes, including making notes that will not be seen by other people, making changes to a document that will not be seen by other people, and making drawings that will not be seen by other people.

What shade of blue is non-photo blue?

What shade of blue is non-photo blue?

Non-photo blue is a specific shade of blue that is used in art and design, as it does not show up when photographed. This blue is a deep navy blue, and is often used to contrast with other colors.

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Non-photo blue is available in both liquid and powder form, and can be used to dye fabric, paper, or other materials. It is also possible to buy pens and other tools that are specifically designed for drawing with non-photo blue ink.

While non-photo blue is not typically used for everyday purposes, it can be a useful tool for artists and designers. By using this blue, they can create pieces that will not show up in photographs, and that will be unique to their work.

What is the blue sketch pencil called?

There is no definitive answer to this question as different people may call the blue sketch pencil by different names. However, some of the more common names for this type of pencil include blue lead pencil, drafting pencil, and technical pencil.

Why do comic artists use blue pencil?

Comic artists traditionally use blue pencil to rough out their stories and layouts. There are several reasons for this.

Blue pencil is less likely to show through the paper than other colors, so it can be used to sketch out the basic layout of a page without ruining the final product. It’s also a relatively light color, which makes it easier to see than other options.

Blue pencil is also erasable, so it can be used to experiment with different ideas without having to worry about ruining the artwork. This allows comic artists to try out different layouts and concepts until they find the one that works best.

Finally, blue pencil is relatively cheap and easy to find, making it a good option for artists on a budget.

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What pencil do comic artists use?

What pencil do comic artists use?

Comic artists typically use a range of pencils to create their artwork, including lead pencils, colored pencils, and charcoal pencils. However, the most common type of pencil used by comic artists is the lead pencil.

Lead pencils are typically made of a combination of graphite and clay, and are available in a range of different lead weights, which determine the thickness of the lead. Thicker leads produce darker lines, while thinner leads produce lighter lines.

Lead pencils are a popular choice among comic artists because they offer a great amount of control and precision, and can be easily erased and modified. They are also relatively affordable and easy to find.

Many comic artists prefer to use mechanical lead pencils, as they do not require regular sharpening like traditional lead pencils. Mechanical lead pencils also come in a range of lead weights, making them a good choice for comic artists who need a range of line weights for their artwork.

Why do artists draw with a blue pencil?

There are many reasons why artists might choose to use a blue pencil when drawing. One reason is that blue pencils are less likely to show through the paper than other colors, so they can be used for preliminary sketches or for drawing on more delicate papers. Additionally, blue pencils can be used to create a cool, calm, and controlled atmosphere in a drawing, which can be helpful for expressing certain emotions or creating a specific mood.