Kevin Belton is a news anchor for WDSU-TV in New Orleans. He has worked in the broadcasting industry for more than 25 years.

Belton is married to Jackie Belton. They have two children, a son and a daughter.

Belton and his family were affected by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. They were forced to evacuate their home and live in a hotel for several months.

Belton’s wife, Jackie, is a former news anchor for WDSU-TV. She left the station in 2007 to become a full-time mother.

Belton and his family reside in Metairie, Louisiana.

Who did Kevin Belton marry?

Who did Kevin Belton marry?

Kevin Belton married his college sweetheart, Kelly. The two have been together for over 20 years and have two children together.

How old is Kevin Belton chef?

How old is Kevin Belton chef?

Kevin Belton is a chef who is originally from Louisiana. He is known for his Creole and Cajun cuisine, which has won him many awards over the years.

Belton was born in 1963, which means that he is currently 54 years old. He has been cooking for over 30 years, and has amassed a great deal of knowledge and experience in the kitchen.

Belton has worked in some of the most prestigious restaurants in the world, and has taught cooking classes all over the United States. He currently resides in New Orleans, Louisiana, and continues to cook and teach at the local culinary school there.

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Belton is a highly talented chef, and his food is absolutely delicious. He is a master of Creole and Cajun cuisine, and his dishes are sure to please any palate. If you’re ever in the New Orleans area, be sure to check out one of Belton’s cooking classes or restaurants – you won’t be disappointed!

What ethnicity is Kevin Belton?

What ethnicity is Kevin Belton?

Kevin Belton is an American chef and television personality who was born in Louisiana. He is of Creole descent.

Is Kevin Belton black?

Is Kevin Belton black? The answer to that question is not a simple yes or no. Kevin Belton is biracial, with a black father and a white mother. He has said that he identifies as black.

Belton is a chef, author, and television personality who has appeared on several cooking shows, including The Chew and the Today Show. He is the author of the cookbook New Orleans Classic Recipes.

Belton’s father was a chef who worked in the New Orleans restaurant industry. His mother was a teacher. The family moved to Baton Rouge when Belton was a child.

Belton has said that he always felt like he was black, even though he looked different from his classmates. He credits his father with teaching him about black culture and cuisine.

Belton’s parents divorced when he was a teenager. He later moved to New York City, where he worked in restaurants and became a chef.

Belton has said that he is proud of his biracial heritage and that he feels it has helped him to understand people of different races and cultures. He says that he is often asked about his ethnicity and that he is happy to share his story with others.

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Belton is married to a woman named Keri and they have two children.

How much weight has Kevin Belton lost?

Kevin Belton, a radio personality in New Orleans, has lost a lot of weight recently – 85 pounds, to be exact. He’s been very open about his weight loss journey, and he’s been inspiring others to do the same.

Belton’s weight loss journey began with a simple change in his diet. He started eating smaller portions and began to avoid processed foods. He also began to exercise regularly, starting with simple things like walking and biking.

Belton’s hard work has paid off – he’s lost a lot of weight and he’s looking and feeling better than ever. He’s even been able to improve his health conditions, such as his high blood pressure.

If you’re looking to lose weight, you can learn a lot from Kevin Belton’s story. Start by making simple dietary changes, and then gradually add in more exercise. Most importantly, be patient and stay focused – it takes time and effort to lose weight safely and effectively.

How many kids does Kevin Belton?

How many kids does Kevin Belton have?

Belton has six kids total. However, he only has four biological children with his wife, Terrica. He also has two stepdaughters from Terrica’s previous relationship.

Belton and Terrica have been married for six years and have four biological children together. The couple welcomed triplets in January of 2017. All three of the babies were boys. In November of the same year, the couple had their fourth child, a daughter.

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Belton has two stepdaughters from Terrica’s previous relationship. The girls are ages 16 and 12.

Belton and Terrica are very active in their children’s lives. They make sure to attend all of their games and performances. The couple is also very involved in their church community.

Has Kevin Belton lost weight?

Has Kevin Belton lost weight?

This is a question that has been on the minds of many people lately, especially after the fitness expert was seen sporting a noticeably slimmer frame.

So, has Kevin Belton really lost weight?

Well, according to the man himself, the answer is yes.

Belton has been very vocal about his weight loss journey, and he has even taken to social media to share photos of his new body.

In a post on Instagram, Belton said that he has lost a total of 38 pounds since starting his weight loss journey.

He added that he is now in the best shape of his life and that he feels amazing.

Belton has credited his weight loss success to a combination of healthy eating and regular exercise.

He has said that he now eats mostly healthy foods, and that he exercises six times a week.

Belton has also said that he has cut out junk food and soda from his diet, and that he now drinks only water and green tea.

So, if you’re looking to lose weight, it looks like Belton has some great tips to share.

If you’re interested in learning more about Belton’s weight loss journey, be sure to check out his Instagram account.