On October 16, 1989, actress Amanda Blake passed away from a heart attack at the age of 53. Just a few days later, on October 21, her funeral was held at the Church of the Good Shepherd in Beverly Hills.

Blake was best known for her role as Miss Kitty on the TV show “Gunsmoke.” She began her career as a model in the 1950s, and eventually transitioned into acting, appearing in films such as “The Party” and “The Young Lions.”

In the days leading up to her funeral, a number of photos were released to the public. One in particular, which was taken by photographer Dick Miller, showed Blake in her casket. The photo quickly went viral, and has been widely shared in the years since.

Despite the sadness of her death, the photo captures Blake’s beauty and elegance in a way that is truly unforgettable. She was a remarkable woman, and her legacy will live on for years to come.

How much was Amanda Blake worth when she died?

When Amanda Blake died in 1989, her estate was worth an estimated $5 million. This amount was divided among her heirs, with each receiving an equal share.

Did Matt Dillon and Kitty have a daughter?

Rumors have circulated for years that Matt Dillon and Kitty had a daughter, but the couple has never confirmed or denied the reports. In 2009, a tabloid magazine published a story claiming that the two had secretly welcomed a baby girl into the world more than a decade earlier.

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Neither Dillon nor Kitty has ever commented on the allegations, so it’s difficult to know for sure whether or not they are true. However, there are a few pieces of evidence that seem to suggest that the story might be true.

For one thing, in 1997 Kitty did give birth to a baby girl, though she has never confirmed the child’s father. And while Matt Dillon has never spoken publicly about the allegations, he has never denied them either.

Additionally, in a 2010 interview, Dillon’s sister speculated that the two might have had a daughter together. She said that she had once been told by Kitty that Dillon was the father of her child, though she couldn’t be sure.

So while there is no definitive proof that Matt Dillon and Kitty had a daughter together, there is certainly enough evidence to suggest that it’s a possibility.

How old was Amanda Blake when she was on Gunsmoke?

In 1955, Amanda Blake was just 21 years old when she landed the role of Kitty Russell on the popular TV western series Gunsmoke. Blake was one of the few actresses to appear in all 635 episodes of the series, which aired until 1975.

Although her character was often in peril, Blake herself had a relatively calm and stable life off-screen. She married twice, first to actor Richard Long in 1957 and then to makeup artist John Griffith in 1978. Griffith died in 1991, and Blake herself passed away from lung cancer in 1989 at the age of 62.

Is Miss Kitty from Gunsmoke still alive?

Miss Kitty, who was played by actress Amanda Blake, was one of the most popular characters on the TV show Gunsmoke. The show aired from 1955 to 1975, and Miss Kitty was a mainstay on the show for most of its run.

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So, the question on many people’s minds is: Is Miss Kitty from Gunsmoke still alive?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. Amanda Blake died from a heart attack in 1989. She was only 60 years old.

Even though Miss Kitty is no longer with us, she will always be remembered as one of the most iconic characters in TV history. Thanks for watching, everyone!

What is James Arness estate worth?

James Arness estate is worth an estimated $10 million. Arness, who died in 2011, was best known for his role as Marshal Matt Dillon on Gunsmoke. His estate includes a $6 million ranch in Montana, a $3 million home in Los Angeles, and $1 million in other assets.

What was John Wayne’s net worth?

John Wayne was an American actor and filmmaker who had a net worth of $10 million at the time of his death in 1979.

Born Marion Mitchell Morrison in Winterset, Iowa, in 1907, John Wayne became one of the most iconic and enduring actors in Hollywood history. He starred in more than 170 movies, including “The Alamo,” “The Quiet Man” and “True Grit.”

Wayne was also a successful producer and director. In the latter part of his career, he starred in several television series.

Despite his success, Wayne reportedly had a modest lifestyle and was known for his charitable work. In 1978, he was diagnosed with lung cancer and died the following year at the age of 72.

How did Gunsmoke write out Chester?

When Gunsmoke began airing on radio in 1952, one of the show’s main characters was Chester, the deputy sheriff. Played by Dennis Weaver, Chester was the comic relief for the show, often finding himself in ridiculous situations. In the show’s early years, Chester was written out of episodes by having him leave town on business or get injured.

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In the show’s sixth season, Weaver left the show and was replaced by Buck Taylor as the new deputy, Festus. To write Weaver out of the show, the creators had Chester get married and move to another town. This was done so that Weaver could return to the show in a later season.

Gunsmoke continued to air on radio until 1961, and then began airing on television. The show ended in 1975 after 20 seasons.