On October 23, 2017, Drake uploaded a photo of himself and Taylor Swift to his Instagram account. The two are standing close together, and both are smiling. The photo has been liked over 1.3 million times, and many people have commented on it.

Some people are wondering if the two are dating. Some are joking about it, and others seem to genuinely hope that they are together.

Drake and Taylor have a history of collaborating together. They both starred in the music video for Taylor Swift’s song “Mine” in 2010. They have also both been featured on songs by each other.

It’s unclear what the two are up to, but it’s clear that they are friends.

Is Taylor Swift friends with Drake?

Is Taylor Swift friends with Drake? The short answer is no, she is not. The two have been rumored to be friends for a while now, but there is no concrete evidence that they are actually friends.

There are a few reasons why people might think that the two are friends. For one, they are both very successful artists. Additionally, they have both been photographed together on a few occasions. However, none of this proves that they are actually friends.

It’s possible that the two have simply been photographed together because they are both in the same industry and they run in the same circles. Additionally, it’s worth noting that Drake has been known to be a bit of a ladies man, and it’s possible that he simply knows Taylor Swift because she is a famous celebrity.

At this point, there is no evidence that proves that the two are actually friends. However, that doesn’t mean that they couldn’t be friends in the future. only time will tell!

Did Drake and Taylor Swift ever date?

Drake and Taylor Swift have been the subject of dating rumors for years, but neither artist has ever confirmed a relationship. Let’s take a look at the evidence for and against a Drake and Taylor Swift dating rumors.

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The Evidence for Drake and Taylor Swift Dating

There are quite a few pieces of evidence that suggest Drake and Taylor Swift may have dated. The first piece of evidence is that the two artists have a history of collaborating. Drake and Taylor Swift have worked together on three songs – “Forever” in 2009, “Bad Blood” in 2015, and “Hotline Bling” in 2015. Collaborating on songs is typically a sign of a good relationship.

Another piece of evidence is that the two artists have been photographed together multiple times. In October 2010, Drake and Taylor Swift were spotted spending time together at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards. In November 2012, the two artists were photographed having dinner together in New York City. In May 2016, Drake and Taylor Swift were both spotted at the same restaurant in Los Angeles.

The Evidence Against Drake and Taylor Swift Dating

Although there is some evidence that Drake and Taylor Swift may have dated, there is also evidence that suggests they never actually dated. The first piece of evidence is that the two artists have never confirmed a relationship. In fact, Drake has denied that he and Taylor Swift ever dated.

Another piece of evidence is that the two artists have different personalities. Drake is known for being a ladies’ man, while Taylor Swift is known for being more of a relationship type of girl. It’s hard to imagine the two artists dating if they don’t have similar personalities.

The final piece of evidence against a Drake and Taylor Swift dating rumors is timing. If the two artists had dated, it would have been right around the time that Drake was dating Rihanna. It’s hard to believe that Drake would have been dating two high-profile celebrities at the same time.

Who is in Drakes photo?

Drake’s latest photo on Instagram is raising some questions. The photo, which was posted on Saturday (Aug. 19), features Drake and a group of friends hanging out in a backyard. While most of the people in the photo are unidentified, one person has been receiving a lot of attention – 21 Savage.

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So, who is 21 Savage?

21 Savage is a rapper from Atlanta, Georgia. He first rose to prominence in 2015, when he released his debut mixtape, The Slaughter Tape. He subsequently released two more mixtapes, and in late 2016, he signed a record deal with Epic Records.

21 Savage’s music is heavily influenced by Atlanta’s hip-hop scene, and he is known for his aggressive, street-oriented lyrics. His debut album, Issa Album, was released in July 2017 and debuted at number two on the Billboard 200 chart.

So, why is 21 Savage in Drake’s photo?

It’s unclear what the exact nature of 21 Savage and Drake’s relationship is, but the two have collaborated on a few songs in the past. Most notably, 21 Savage featured on Drake’s hit song “Nonstop” from the rapper’s 2018 album, Scorpion.

It’s possible that the two are simply friends, or that 21 Savage is featured on a song on Drake’s new album. We’ll have to wait and see.

Will there be a 1989 Taylor’s version?

There has been much speculation on whether or not there will be a 1989 Taylor’s version. Many people are anxious to see if the company will follow in the footsteps of other brands and release a commemorative edition of their popular wine.

So far, the company has not released any information about a potential 1989 Taylor’s version. However, this has not stopped people from speculating about what the wine might taste like. Some believe that the company might release a more premium version of the wine, while others think that they might just tweak the recipe slightly.

At this point, it is anyone’s guess as to what Taylor’s will do. However, there is no doubt that the company’s 1989 vintage was a huge success, so it is likely that they will want to commemorate it in some way.

Who is Drake GF?

Drake is one of the most popular rappers in the world, and over the past few years, he has been linked to a number of high-profile women. However, the one woman who has been with Drake the longest is Sophie Brussaux.

Brussaux is a 27-year-old French artist who first met Drake in Amsterdam in January 2017. The two hit it off and began a relationship, which lasted for several months. In May 2017, Brussaux gave birth to a son and allegedly named Drake as the father. However, Drake has never publicly confirmed that he is the father.

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Since then, Drake and Brussaux have been in a custody battle over their son. In October 2018, a judge ruled that Drake was the father and ordered him to start paying child support.

Despite the custody battle, Drake and Brussaux appear to be on good terms. In December 2018, the two were seen together at a restaurant in Amsterdam and appeared to be getting along well.

So, who is Drake’s GF? Sophie Brussaux is definitely the most high-profile woman Drake has been linked to in recent years. However, it’s unclear if the two are still together or not.

How many years old is Drake?

Drake is a Canadian rapper and singer who was born on October 24, 1986.

He released his debut album, Thank Me Later, in 2010. His second album, Take Care, was released in 2011. His third album, Nothing Was the Same, was released in 2013.

Drake is 31 years old.

Is Taylor Swift with Joe?

Is Taylor Swift with Joe? That’s the question on everyone’s mind lately. The two have been spotted out and about together multiple times in the past few weeks, and people are starting to wonder if there’s something going on between them.

There’s no definitive answer yet, but there are a few things worth considering. For one, they both seem to be very comfortable around each other. Joe has even been known to tease Taylor about her dating history, which could mean that they’re really close friends. Additionally, they both seem to enjoy each other’s company. Taylor has even been known to gush about Joe’s music, which is definitely a sign of admiration.

At this point, it’s hard to say for sure what’s going on between them. However, it’s definitely worth keeping an eye on. Taylor and Joe could very well be the next big celebrity power couple!