Dolly Parton is an American singer, songwriter, actress, and businesswoman. She rose to fame in the 1970s as a singer and actress on the country music scene.

In August 2017, a photo of Dolly Parton surfaced on the internet showing the singer with a head full of natural hair. The photo was met with mixed reactions from people who saw it. While some praised her for going natural, others criticized her for not wearing a wig.

In an interview with Billboard, Dolly Parton said that she decided to go natural because she was getting tired of wearing wigs. “I just got so tired of wearing wigs, you know. And I thought, ‘Well, I’m just going to let my hair grow for a while and see what happens,’” she said.

Since the photo surfaced, Dolly Parton has been praised by many for her decision to go natural. “Dolly Parton is officially my hair icon! She looks amazing with her natural hair,” one person wrote on Twitter.

Despite the mixed reactions to the photo, Dolly Parton’s decision to go natural is a positive one. By going natural, she is sending a message to other women that it is okay to have natural hair. She is also showing that it is possible to be successful and beautiful with natural hair.

Does Dolly Parton have any real hair?

There has been a lot of speculation over the years about whether or not Dolly Parton has any real hair. Some people seem to think that she wears a wig, while others are convinced that she has some sort of secret hair growth potion that allows her to keep her locks looking so voluminous and full.

So, what is the truth? Does Dolly Parton have any real hair?

The answer is yes, Dolly Parton does have real hair. She has often stated in interviews that she has never had a hair extension in her life, and that all of her hair is real. She does, however, have a lot of it. Her hair is so long that she often wears it in a bun or ponytail, and she has to get it trimmed often to avoid it becoming too unmanageable.

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So, if Dolly Parton has real hair, why does it look so good?

Well, a lot of it has to do with her hair care routine. Dolly Parton is known for her love of hot oil treatments, and she often uses a deep conditioning treatment to keep her hair looking healthy and shiny. She also avoids using any harsh chemicals or styling products, which can damage hair over time.

Overall, it seems that Dolly Parton does have real hair, and that she takes good care of it. Her voluminous locks are definitely the result of good genes and a good hair care routine, and not of any fancy hair growth potions!

What is the natural color of Dolly Partons hair?

Dolly Parton is a singer and songwriter who is known for her signature look, including her big, blonde hair. But what is the natural color of Dolly Parton’s hair?

Dolly Parton’s hair is actually a light brown color. She has dyed her hair blonde for many years, but her natural color is closer to a sandy blonde or light brown. Her hair is also naturally curly, which she often wears in a big, bouncy style.

Despite her signature look, Dolly Parton is not afraid to change her hair up from time to time. She has been known to go from a light brown to a dark blonde, and even back to her natural color. She also likes to wear her hair in different styles, from loose and curly to sleek and straight.

Whether she’s rocking her signature blonde look or going for something a little different, Dolly Parton always looks amazing. Her big, blonde hair is one of her trademarks, and it’s definitely a look that’s hard to forget.

Does Dolly Parton ever go without wigs?

Dolly Parton is known for her big blonde wigs. She’s been wearing them for years and has become known for them. But does she ever go without them?

Well, the answer is yes. Dolly Parton does go without wigs on occasion. For example, she’s been known to go without them when she’s at home or when she’s on vacation. She also sometimes wears wigs that are a different color than her usual blonde wigs.

So why does Dolly Parton wear wigs? Well, she has said that she likes to wear them because they make her feel pretty. And she also likes to change her look from time to time.

Overall, Dolly Parton is known for her big blonde wigs. But she does go without them on occasion.

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Why does Dolly Parton wear gloves to cover her hands?

Dolly Parton is well-known for her flamboyant outfits and her powerful voice. But what you may not know is that she often wears gloves to cover her hands. So why does Dolly Parton wear gloves?

There are a few different reasons why Dolly Parton wears gloves. For one, she often has to perform in cold weather and wants to keep her hands warm. Additionally, she suffers from a condition called psoriasis, which causes her skin to become dry and cracked. Wearing gloves helps to protect her skin from the elements and from further damage.

Finally, Dolly Parton has said that she wears gloves to cover up her hands because they’re not very pretty. Her hands are quite small and delicate-looking, so she prefers to keep them hidden from view.

Whatever the reason, it’s clear that Dolly Parton has a strong personal connection to her gloves. She’s been quoted as saying, “I wear them because I like them. I’ve got lots of different pairs – different colors, different styles. I even have gloves with sequins on them. I just like to feel pretty, and gloves make me feel pretty.”

Why does Dolly Parton wear long sleeves?

Why does Dolly Parton wear long sleeves?

Dolly Parton is a country singer and actress who is known for her big hair and her love of long sleeves. Even in the hottest weather, she often wears long-sleeved shirts or jackets. Her fans have long wondered why she prefers to cover her arms, and Dolly herself has given several explanations over the years.

In a 2012 interview with The Guardian, Dolly said that she started wearing long sleeves because she was self-conscious about her arms. “I have these big ol’ arms and I would see all these other girls on TV with their arms all skinny and I’d think, ‘Oh, I wish I had skinny arms.’ So I started wearing long sleeves to cover them up.”

More recently, in a 2017 interview with Today, Dolly said that she wears long sleeves to protect her skin from the sun. “I have a real bad sun allergy, so I have to be careful,” she explained. “I don’t tan, I freckle. And I don’t like to have freckles.”

So there you have it! Dolly Parton wears long sleeves for three reasons: to cover up her arms, to protect her skin from the sun, and to avoid getting freckles.

What color are Dolly Parton’s eyes?

Dolly Parton is a singer, actress, songwriter, and author who has been performing since she was a child. One of her most well-known features is her striking eyes, which have been the subject of much curiosity over the years. What color are Dolly Parton’s eyes, exactly?

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It’s difficult to say for certain what color Dolly Parton’s eyes are, as they appear to change color depending on the light. In some photographs, they appear to be a light green or blue, while in others they appear to be a darker brown. However, in general, they are a light brown color.

Dolly Parton has said that her eyes change color because of her contact lenses. In the past, she has worn both brown and green contacts, and she has said that her eyes change color depending on what color contacts she is wearing.

So, what color are Dolly Parton’s eyes? It’s hard to say for sure, but they are likely a light brown color.

Why Does Dolly Parton sleep in her makeup?

Dolly Parton is a country music legend and she’s known for her big hair, big boobs, and big personality. But what you may not know is that she likes to keep her makeup on even when she’s asleep.

In a recent interview, Parton said that she’s been known to sleep in her makeup on occasion. And while she doesn’t recommend it for everyone, she does it because she likes the way it makes her look and feel.

For Parton, wearing makeup to bed is like wearing a comfortable old pair of shoes. It’s something she’s been doing for years and it’s become a part of her routine. And even though it’s not the healthiest thing to do, she’s found a way to make it work for her.

So why does Dolly Parton sleep in her makeup?

For one, she likes the way it makes her look. Parton says that when she goes to bed with her makeup on, she wakes up looking “young and pretty.” And she believes that it helps her maintain her youthful appearance.

But more importantly, Parton sleeps in her makeup because it makes her feel confident and empowered. She says that when she’s got her makeup on, she feels like she can do anything. And for someone who’s as confident as Dolly Parton, that’s a pretty powerful feeling.

So if you’re looking for a reason to sleep in your makeup, look no further than Dolly Parton. She’s been doing it for years and she’s not about to stop now.