On December 25, 1990, Hollywood actress Ava Gardner died from pneumonia at the age of 67. The following day, her friend and caretaker, Otto Preminger, found this photo of her on her bedside table.

The photo was taken by Gardner’s friend and neighbor, Anthony Quinn, on December 24, the day before she died. In the photo, Gardner is looking at the camera with a peaceful expression, as if she is ready to depart.

Gardner had been in declining health for some time and had suffered a series of heart attacks. In the last year of her life, she was often confined to her bed and required around-the-clock care.

Despite her health problems, Gardner was still able to enjoy her life. She loved spending time with her friends and family, and she was always ready for a good laugh. In the days before she died, she was in good spirits and was looking forward to spending Christmas with her loved ones.

In the days after her death, Gardner’s friends and family praised her for her strength and courage. “She was a very tough lady,” said her nephew. “She faced death like a soldier.”

Gardner was a talented actress and singer who starred in dozens of movies during her career. She is best remembered for her roles in The Barefoot Contessa, The Night of the Iguana, and The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean.

Despite her success, Gardner was often described as shy and insecure. She was known for her self-deprecating humor and her willingness to poke fun at herself. “I was always the ugly duckling,” she said. “I was never pretty.”

Gardner was also known for her tempestuous personal life. She had a number of high-profile affairs and was married four times. “I’ve been married so many times I’ve lost count,” she said.

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After her death, Gardner was posthumously awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Did Ava Gardner have a child?

Ava Gardner is one of the most famous actresses of all time. She starred in movies such as The Snows of Kilimanjaro, On the Beach, and The Night of the Iguana. She was also married to Frank Sinatra and has been cited as one of the most beautiful women of all time.

Gardner was married three times in her life, but never had any children. This has led to speculation over the years that she may have had a child with her third husband, Mickey Rooney. However, there is no evidence to support this claim.

While Gardner never had any children of her own, she did adopt a daughter, Kim, in the early 1970s. Gardner was very close to her daughter and even helped to raise her after Rooney’s death in 2014.

So while Gardner never had any children of her own, she was still a very loving and involved parent to her adopted daughter.

How old was Ava Gardner when she died?

Ava Gardner was an American actress who was born on December 24, 1922 and died on January 25, 1990. She was 67 years old when she died.

What did Ava Gardner say about Frank Sinatra?

Ava Gardner was one of the most celebrated actresses of her time. She was also married to one of the most popular singers of all time, Frank Sinatra. The two had a tumultuous relationship, which was often played out in the public eye.

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Ava Gardner was very candid about her thoughts on Frank Sinatra. In a 1974 interview, she said “He’s a mean, selfish little man. He’s the most arrogant, self-centered human being I’ve ever met.” She also said “He’s a bastard. He’s a tough little son of a bitch.”

Despite her scathing words, the two remained married until 1957. They had one child together, their daughter Tina.

What color were Ava Gardner’s eyes?

Ava Gardner’s eyes were blue. This is a well-known fact, as the actress was known for her striking features. In fact, she was often described as having “the most beautiful eyes in the world.” Gardner was born in 1922 in North Carolina, and she passed away in 1990. Her eyes were blue both when she was young and when she was old.

Who was Frank Sinatras Greatest love?

Frank Sinatra had several great loves in his life, but his longest and most enduring relationship was with his wife, Mia Farrow.

The two first met in 1966, when Sinatra was filming the movie “The Detective.” Farrow was only 19 at the time, and Sinatra was in his early 50s, but the two hit it off and began a relationship.

They married in 1969, but the marriage was tumultuous and ended in divorce in 1971. Sinatra later said that he was never really in love with Farrow, and that the two were simply together because it was convenient for them.

Sinatra’s next great love was Barbara Marx, a socialite and the ex-wife of Zeppo Marx, one of the Marx Brothers. The two began dating in 1973, and were married in 1976.

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Sinatra was head-over-heels in love with Marx, and the two were very happy together. However, Marx was a bit of a party girl, and she often clashed with Sinatra’s strict no-alcohol policy. The two eventually divorced in 1998.

Sinatra’s final great love was his good friend Nancy Barbato. The two had known each other since they were teenagers, and Sinatra had always been in love with her. They married in 1939, and stayed together until Sinatra’s death in 1998.

Throughout his life, Sinatra was a notorious womanizer, but his relationships with Farrow, Marx, and Barbato were the ones that meant the most to him.

Where is Ava Gardner’s grave?

Ava Gardner’s grave is located at Saint Michael’s Cemetery in Camden, New Jersey. The cemetery is open to the public Monday through Saturday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Who was Frank Sinatras Greatest Love?

Frank Sinatra had many loves in his life, but his greatest love was undoubtedly his wife, Mia Farrow.

The two met in 1961, when Farrow was just 21 years old and Sinatra was 50. They began dating, and in 1965, they married in a star-studded ceremony. The two had three children together, but their marriage was tumultuous and ultimately ended in divorce in 1968.

Despite the divorce, Sinatra and Farrow remained close friends until Sinatra’s death in 1998. In fact, Farrow was at Sinatra’s bedside when he passed away.

Throughout his life, Sinatra was vocal about his love for Farrow. He once said, “I loved Mia Farrow from the moment we met. I loved her then, I love her now and I will love her forever.”

Their friendship and love was truly a unique and special one.