Amber Rose is back in the spotlight with a new photo.

On Monday, the model and actress took to Instagram to share a topless shot of herself, which she captioned, “When you’re a mom but you still got that thang.”

The photo has already racked up over a million likes, with many fans praising Rose for her confidence.

This is just the latest in a series of sexy shots that Rose has shared in recent months.

In May, she posted a photo of herself in a thong, and in July, she shared a photo of her backside in a bikini.

Rose has always been open about her body confidence, and she has frequently spoken out about being a mom.

Back in March, she said, “I’m not trying to be a skinny girl. I’m not trying to be a curvy girl. I’m trying to be a mommy.”

And in a recent interview with Cosmopolitan, she said, “I’m not ashamed of my body. I’m not ashamed of what I’ve done in my past. I’m not ashamed of who I am today.”

Rose has also been open about her struggles with post-partum depression.

In October, she revealed that she had been diagnosed with the condition and was taking medication for it.

Rose is a mother to six-year-old son Sebastian with ex-husband Wiz Khalifa, and she is currently dating rapper 21 Savage.

Who is Amber Rose with now?

Amber Rose is an American model, actress, and entrepreneur. Rose is best known for her roles in the films “School Dance” (2014) and “Movies” (2015), and for her relationship with rapper Wiz Khalifa. Rose started her own eyewear line called “Muva Mojo” in 2016.

In February 2017, Rose began dating rapper 21 Savage. The couple announced their engagement in October of that year.

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Who is Amber Rose Husband?

Amber Rose is one of the most talked-about celebrities in the world. She is known for her outspoken nature, her curvaceous body, and her infamous relationships. One of the most frequent questions people ask about her is, “Who is Amber Rose husband?”

Amber Rose has been married twice. Her first marriage was to rapper Wiz Khalifa. The two were married in July of 2013 and divorced in September of 2014. Their divorce was highly publicized and was attributed, in part, to Wiz Khalifa’s infidelity.

Amber Rose’s current husband is rapper 21 Savage. The two began dating in early 2017 and were married in a secret ceremony in October of 2017. The couple has one child together, a son named Sebastian.

21 Savage is a controversial rapper who has been involved in several feuds with other rappers. He has been criticized for his lyrics, which are often violent and misogynistic.

Amber Rose has defended her husband, stating that his lyrics are not a reflection of his true character. She has also said that she is very happy with her life with 21 Savage.

What nationality is Amber Rose?

Amber Rose is an American model and actress.

She was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on October 21, 1983.

Rose is of mixed ethnicity; her father is African-American and her mother is Italian-American.

She has two younger brothers.

Rose began her career as a model, appearing in music videos and working for brands such as Rocawear.

In 2009, she made her acting debut in the movie School Dance.

Since then, she has appeared in a number of other films and TV series, including Empire and Dancing with the Stars.

Rose is also well-known for her relationship with rapper Kanye West.

She is currently married to rapper Wiz Khalifa.

How much does Amber Rose make?

Amber Rose is an American model, actress and artist. She is best known for her work with Ford Models and for her appearances in the music videos of Kanye West, Nicki Minaj and Wiz Khalifa.

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So how much does Amber Rose make? It is estimated that her net worth is around $10 million. This is mostly from her modelling and acting work, as well as her various endorsement deals.

Amber Rose started her career in modelling, and was signed by Ford Models at the age of 15. She quickly became a popular model, and appeared in music videos for artists such as Kanye West, Nicki Minaj and Wiz Khalifa.

In addition to her modelling work, Amber Rose has also starred in a number of TV shows and films. Her most notable roles include a part in the 2010 film 12 Rounds, and a starring role in the TV series Dancing with the Stars.

Amber Rose has also had a successful career as an artist. She has released two studio albums, and has had several hit singles.

Overall, Amber Rose has had a very successful career. She has worked as a model, actress, artist and TV star. She is also estimated to have a net worth of $10 million.

What does Amber Rose’s forehead tattoo say?

What does Amber Rose’s forehead tattoo say?

Amber Rose has a tattoo on her forehead that says “Money” in cursive script. The tattoo is in honor of her late father, who passed away in 2006. Her father was a drug dealer, and Amber Rose says that the tattoo is a reminder to stay on top of her finances and make something of herself.

Amber Rose has said that the tattoo is also a reminder to stay humble and never forget where she came from. She has said that the tattoo is a reminder that she can always fall back on her own skills and resources, no matter what life throws at her.

The tattoo is a reminder that money is power, and that Amber Rose is not afraid to use her power to get what she wants. It is also a reminder that she is in control of her own destiny.

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Is Amber Rose a nice person?

There is no simple answer to the question of whether Amber Rose is a nice person or not. Some people who know her say that she is, while others say that she can be quite mean at times.

One thing that is for sure is that she is not shy about speaking her mind. She is known for being quite outspoken, and is not afraid to call people out on their behavior. This can sometimes result in her coming across as being rude or unkind.

However, she also has a softer side, and is often seen being kind and generous to her fans and supporters. She is also known for being a loving mother to her son. Overall, it is difficult to say definitively whether Amber Rose is a nice person or not, but she does have both positive and negative qualities.

What did Wiz Khalifa do to Amber Rose?

In early 2016, Amber Rose filed for divorce from Wiz Khalifa. The two had been married for two years and had a son together. There were many rumors as to why the two split, but the most commonly circulated story was that Wiz had cheated on Amber.

A few months after the divorce was finalized, Amber gave an interview in which she accused Wiz of doing a number of terrible things to her during their marriage. She alleged that he would routinely ignore her and treat her poorly, that he would refuse to spend time with their son, and that he would even refuse to have sex with her.

Many people were surprised by Amber’s allegations, as Wiz had always seemed like a devoted husband and father. However, after seeing the interview, it was clear that Amber was deeply hurt by what Wiz had done to her.