On Wednesday, February 7, Adam Rapoport, the Editor-in-Chief of Bon Appétit, was accused of racism after he posted a photo of himself on Instagram in brownface.

In the photo, Rapoport is dressed up as a character from the movie “The Nutty Professor,” complete with a prosthetic nose, dark makeup, and a curly wig.

The photo was first brought to light by writer and food critic Akilah Hughes, who accused Rapoport of racism. Hughes called out Rapoport for his “darkening of his skin to mock people of color.”

In a statement to Eater, Rapoport apologized for the photo, calling it “stupid,” “insensitive,” and “inexcusable.”

“I am deeply sorry for my incredibly stupid and insensitive photo,” Rapoport said. “It was an incredibly ignorant and dumb thing to do and there is no excuse for it.”

Many people have since called for Rapoport to resign from his position at Bon Appétit.

This is not the first time that Rapoport has been accused of racism. In 2016, he came under fire for a tweet in which he joked about “killing all the Jews.”

The photo of Rapoport in brownface is just the latest example of racism in the food world. In 2017, chef John Besh was accused of sexual harassment and racism, and in 2016, chef Mario Batali was accused of sexual assault and groping.

What happened to Adam Rapoport?

In early 2018, food and lifestyle magazine Bon Appétit announced that its editor-in-chief, Adam Rapoport, was taking a leave of absence for an unspecified amount of time. At the time, it was unclear what had happened to Rapoport or why he was stepping down.

Now, almost a year later, the reason for Rapoport’s leave has finally been revealed. In a new article for the magazine, Rapoport has written about how he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and how, after a “turbulent” few years, he’s finally on the road to recovery.

Rapoport says that he first started experiencing symptoms of bipolar disorder in 2013, after the birth of his second child. He was dealing with fatigue, insomnia, and a feeling of being “totally out of control.”

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“It was like the ground was giving way beneath me,” Rapoport wrote. “I didn’t know what was happening.”

He initially brushed off the symptoms, but they gradually became more severe. In 2017, Rapoport hit what he calls his “lowest point”, when he was hospitalized after a suicide attempt.

Thankfully, Rapoport was able to get the help he needed and is now on medication that has helped stabilise his mood. He is also working on a new book about food and bipolar disorder.

“I’m not cured, and I’m not pretending to be,” Rapoport wrote. “But I am in a much better place.”

The announcement that Rapoport was taking a leave of absence came as a shock to many in the food world. Rapoport, who had been with Bon Appétit since 2007, is a well-respected figure in the industry, and his departure left many wondering what would happen to the magazine.

Now that Rapoport has revealed the reason for his leave, it’s clear that he is on the road to recovery and that Bon Appétit is in good hands with his replacement, the longtime deputy editor, Alex Beggs.

We wish Rapoport all the best in his ongoing journey to health and hope to see him back in the food world soon.

Why did Bon Appétit get Cancelled?

On June 5, 2018, it was announced that Bon Appétit magazine would be ceasing publication after 68 years. Here’s a look at why the iconic food magazine folded.

One of the main reasons Bon Appétit got cancelled is because of the rise of digital media. With the growth of the internet, people are now able to find recipes and cooking advice online rather than in a magazine.Furthermore, Bon Appétit’s parent company, Meredith Corporation, is also the publisher of traditional magazines like People and Real Simple, and those publications have been struggling in recent years.

Another reason for Bon Appétit’s cancellation is the high cost of printing and distributing a magazine. With more people getting their content online, it’s become increasingly difficult for magazines to make a profit. In order to stay afloat, Bon Appétit would have needed to significantly increase its subscription base or find a new way to make money.

Ultimately, the decision to cease publication of Bon Appétit was a business decision made by Meredith Corporation. The company is hoping to focus its resources on its other magazines, which still have a larger readership.

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What happened to Bon Appétit editor?

What happened to the Bon Appétit editor? This is a question that has been on the minds of many in the food industry lately. On December 12th, 2017, it was announced that the editor in chief of Bon Appétit, Adam Rapoport, was leaving the company. This news came as a surprise to many, as Rapoport had only been with the company for three years.

So, what happened to Rapoport? It was announced that he was moving on to become the editorial director of Food and Wine. This new position will have him overseeing the editorial content for both magazines. In a statement, Rapoport said that he was “incredibly excited” to take on this new role.

So, what will happen to Bon Appétit now that Rapoport is gone? It’s unclear what the future holds for the magazine. However, it’s likely that it will continue to be a leading voice in the food industry.

Who is the editor-in-chief of Bon Appétit magazine?

The editor-in-chief of Bon Appétit magazine is Adam Rapoport. Rapoport has been with the magazine since 2011, and was promoted to editor-in-chief in late 2016. He was previously the editorial director of the Food Network.

What is Andrew Knowlton doing now?

Andrew Knowlton is a food writer and editor who has worked for publications like Bon Appétit, Food & Wine, and Men’s Health. He is currently the restaurant editor at Bon Appétit and has been with the magazine since 2004. In this role, Knowlton is responsible for scouting new restaurants, writing restaurant reviews, and authoring the magazine’s annual Hot 10 list.

Outside of his work at Bon Appétit, Knowlton is a regular judge on the Food Network show Chopped. He has also hosted the travel show Andrew Knowlton’s Hungry for Adventure, which aired on the Travel Channel in 2016.

Knowlton is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America and has worked in restaurants across the country, including stints at The French Laundry in Napa Valley and Per Se in New York City.

What happened with Sohla and Bon Appétit?

In early December, 2017, it was announced that Sohla El-Waylly, a prominent chef and television personality, was leaving Bon Appétit, the food magazine and website. At the time, the reason for her departure was unknown.

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In late January, 2018, El-Waylly published a Medium post entitled “What happened with Sohla and Bon Appétit.” In the post, she revealed that she had been let go from the company after three years of working as a contributing editor. She explained that she was initially told that her contract was not being renewed, but later learned that she was actually fired.

El-Waylly wrote that she was disappointed by the way she was treated by Bon Appétit and that she felt that she had been “stabbed in the back.” She also accused the company of sexism, writing that she was the only woman of color who had been let go from Bon Appétit in recent years.

In a statement to Eater, a Bon Appétit spokesperson said that the company is “committed to diversity and inclusion” and that they “disagree with the assertions made in the Medium post.”

The story of Sohla El-Waylly and Bon Appétit has generated a lot of discussion online, with many people weighing in on the allegations of sexism and racism made by El-Waylly. Some people have expressed support for her, while others have accused her of making excuses for her own poor performance.

Who was fired from Bon Appétit?

In early November 2017, it was announced that several employees of the food magazine Bon Appétit had been fired. The magazine’s editor in chief, Adam Rapoport, confirmed the news in a tweet, writing, “Sadly, we had to say goodbye to some good people at @bonappetit. But we’re excited about the new team.”

It’s unclear exactly why these employees were let go, but according to a report from GrubStreet, the cuts were made in an effort to “streamline the company’s brand.”

The firings have sparked controversy among Bon Appétit’s staff and readers. Some people feel that the employees who were fired were scapegoats, and that the magazine’s management is to blame for its financial troubles. Others argue that the layoffs were necessary in order to improve the magazine’s editorial direction.

What’s clear is that the firings have left a lot of questions unanswered. Many people are wondering why specific employees were chosen, and what this means for the future of Bon Appétit.